Why Fast & Furious 8 Still Worth Anticipated? Check out 8 Reasons It!

After the huge success of his last film series, Furious 7 , the film franchise Fast & Furious released a new film entitled The Fate of the Furious . Eighth series Fast & Furious is still starring Vin Diesel and players ever. The difference is this film is (probably) no longer show the emergence of Paul Walker who acted as the main character, Brian O’Connor.

But do not trigger sadness, still a lot of really unexpected surprises that will arise. One of them is the presence of actress Charlize Theron is emerging as an antagonist character in Fast & Furious 8.

Why Fast & Furious 8 Still Worth Anticipated? Check out 8 Reasons It!

Well after so long awaited, finally a film directed by F. Gary Gray are determined to be aired in April 2017. Listen yuk 8 reasons why the film is still worth awaited despite entering the eighth series. This is it!

1. The cars are more spectacular

As in previous films, Fast & Furious 8 will bring the cars look classy spectacular. The difference in number will be more. Moreover, with the emergence of Lamborghini, floating on ice until the submarine emerging from the base of the ice. This scene makes us wonder, surprise is stored in the film?

2. See Dom perfidious

In the trailer the trailer we have been shocked by the plot Fast & Furious 8 . Imagine, aka Dom character Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), which is known as the protagonist instead turned around and decided to fight his friends. Hmm, whether with Dom?

3. There Charlize Theron

Do not be saddened by the possible absence of Paul Walker will no longer adorn the films Fast & Furious , because you will see the emergence of actress Charlize Theron who helped enliven the eighth series. In Fast & Furious 8, Charlize Theron role as Chipper, hackers reliable allies into enemies Dominic Toretto. Chipper even managed to persuade Dom to turn against his own friends, including with Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez), his own wife. Wih!

5. The fight scene is more exciting!

Do not get tired of looking forward to the latest series racing movie franchise, as The Fate of the Furious will present a more exciting live action. As said Vin Diesel, he also promised that Fast & Furious 8 will be the best film series Fast & Furious . Oh, really ?

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6. The battle The Rock and Jason Statham continues

Two actor, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock and Jason Statham certain to be back in action in the eighth movie. In the trailer, the two actors involved burly fierce battle in the cell. Who will win?

7. The gorgeous Nathalie Emmanuel reappear

Those who watch movies seventh, Furious 7 , certainly excitement with the appearance of Star Game of Thrones , Nathalie Emmanuel. British actress is acting as Ramsey, beautiful hacker who joins as a new member of the team Dom. In the eighth series you will again be spoiled with a sweet face Nathalie are guaranteed to make you klepek-klepek. Aw!

8. The soundtrack is biting

Before the movie aired, The Fate of the Furious has announced a row of movie soundtrack. One of the most popular is the song collaboration G-Eazy and Kehlani entitled Good Life . Music and lyrics are cacthy guaranteed to fit perfectly to accompany the exciting scenes in this movie.

 How, still hesitant to watch baseball again racing action in the film franchise Fast & Furious this? Film  The Fate of the Furious or Fast & Furious 8 will hit theaters in the month of April 2017 Indonesia’s.

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