What is the H1B visa, visa reforms that occurred in America

With a firm stand facing immigration, the US government in 2017 to overhaul the famous H1B Visa and L1 visa that has been proposed in the US Congress counter.

What is the H1B visa, visa reforms that occurred in America

This reform bill if passed will mean a significant change in the way the H1B visa issuance by the company of the allocation of their employees. Some companies are terkenda this impact is like Apple, Facebook and Goole, who have been using this type of H1B visas to import their employees from outside the United States for the kind of work that they deem can not be occupied by American workers.

What is a H1B Visa?

H1B visa

Understanding the H1B visa is a non immigrant visa which allows companies to bring in workers from abroad for a long time, almost for six years. Visa is thought to help the company to put their foreign employees to fill job positions can not be filled by American workers. A minimum income of a worker with an H1B visa in one year is $ 60,000. H1B visa owner also allowed to settle as permanent residents include buying or selling a property.
Each year the US government passed a 65K H1B visa in addition to as many as 20 thousand more for students from abroad who have completed their education at universities in the US.

How do I get H1B visa?

H1B visa is a visa that is highly desired by the technology industry who apply for H1b most in America, but of hundreds of thousands of applications petition granted and processed, the visa is granted on the basis of such a lottery.
The new changes in the H1B visa this will be a minimal increase in income of the owners of visa that is $ 130,000, more than two times greater than the previous one. This means that the company would only include the top level employees with high skill for the kind of salary that way, or if not, they can use the American worker.
H1B visa
If this rule is passed, then the company is forced to pay the workers of foreign origin with a very high salary, as a way of the government to force companies to employ people from America, where this is considered to be burdensome to small companies that want to import workers from outside with high skill ,
I think the core of these changes is to reduce outdoor workers in the US and focused workers of the country to get a better job, but it will certainly be criticized on the international community because of the emergence of a very abrupt especially because it is decided by the American President to 45 that are considered controversial.

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