10 Interesting Facts about Fall You Don’t Know

Summer, bathing and heating in all the glory or winter, skating and snowball fights! But is there anything more beautiful than autumn colors? The red and yellow leaves on the trees From the beginning, derived the word “fall” from “harvesting” and is related to the “highest” and “reap”, i.e. gather or extract. Autumn is therefore initially harvest. But this knew of course you already, right? However, here are ten facts you sure did not know precisely the autumn!

10 Interesting Facts about Fall You Don’t Know

1. Since time immemorial, the fall has been ranked as one of the most important times of the year, when daylight begins to fade and it becomes colder, and darker days ahead, Because a good harvest is essential for survival, tried many communities to ensure a good harvest by honoring and worshiping various gods and goddesses. Some communities, such as the Aztecs of ancient Mexico, also performed human sacrifices to please the gods.

 Interesting Facts about Fall You Don’t Know

2. Researchers believe that global warming could affect the autumn colors. As the planet is getting warmer, the leaves may be delayed by changing their colors. In addition, trees cannot use its sugars to create red pigment; this means that the trees instead use its fuel to the emergence of new branches. Global warming could also alter habitats for trees such as sugar maple, creating some of the most vivid autumn colors. How do we get through the fall without the beautiful colors as the trees have to offer?

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3. If the colors of nature would be affected by global warming, it would also be disastrous for the animal kingdom. Animals and plants respond and react namely the light changes in nature that takes place during the autumn. For example, every autumn, swells the testicles up in many hamster races with up to 17 times greater than normal. This is so that they could more easily prepare for mating season.


4. Studies have shown that during the colder months of autumn, are men more likely to cuddle with their loved one and watch romantic comedies. Feeling of coldness activates namely a longing for warmth and comfort to others.

5. People living at the equator or the central part of the planet never get the chance to experience the autumn.

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6. Although sperm concentration and its number is the lowest from August to October because of the summer heat, But do not worry about that one; they recover by force in late autumn in what is called an “overshoot” phenomenon.

7. According to the seasonal pattern of autumn is the time of year when most singles change their relationship status on their Facebook profiles to “in a relationship” or “Engaged” compared to other seasons. Most break-up occurs at Christmas and during the summer.

 Interesting Facts about Fall You Don’t Know

8. During spring and summer, most people eat more carbohydrates, exercise more and take care of his body better in the form of training and other activities. But during the fall develops most a tendency to little fatter food, leading to a season weight gain.

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9. And speaking of weight gain during the fall; Research also suggests that low levels of vitamin D (which also comes from the sun) can lead to weight gain during the fall and winter. Lack of vitamin D reduces namely the breakdown of fat and triggers fat storage.

 Interesting Facts about Fall You Don’t Know

10. Autumn Depression, or so-called seasonal depression, affects about 4-5% of the world population. But as much as 10-20% has some form of symptoms related to seasonal depression. It is more common in women than in men.

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