Top 10 Facts about Muammar Gaddafi You Don’t Know

Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi was a Libyan military, politicians and later dictator associated Gaddafastammen. At a military coup September 1, 1969, overthrew the leader of a group of servicemen Libya’s former rulers, King Idris I, and established itself as the country’s undisputed leader. As part of the Arab Spring erupted in February 2011 massive protests in Libya against Gaddafi’s rule, which was answered by violent force from the army and Gaddafi hired mercenaries. The protests, soon aided by the rebel army units and officials, soon developed into a civil war. Gaddafi was captured October 20, 2011 and executed. This was surely eye on, but here are ten facts you should know about a real martyr!

Top 10 Facts about Muammar Gaddafi You Don’t Know

1. Muammar Gaddafi died as one of the richest men of all time, with an estimated value of over 200 billion US dollars. He was even richer than Bill Gates,  Warren Buffettand  Carlos Slim if you combine their fortunes!


2. Muammar Gaddafi had a strange obsession with former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. He let one of Libya’s most famous composer write a song that was called “Black Flower in the White House.” He also had a photo album filled with pictures of her.

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3. The last terrorist leader of Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden , was already three years before the attack on the World Trade Center  in the US (which took place September 11 in 2001) wanted by Muammar Gaddafi.


4. Mr Gaddafi had about 40 guards, known as “Amazonian Guard”, which consisted of only women. All women who qualified for service had to be virgins, and obviously hand-picked most of Gaddafi himself.

5. A perhaps more unusual and less expected friendship relationship took place between Nelson Mandela and Gaddafi. These Most Expensive Wedding in the World

6. If a soldier refusing to obey orders , or did not want to shoot down their own people when there were protests in the streets, saw Gaddafi to soldiers’ barracks were stoned , and the soldiers were in turn burn inside .

Muammar Gaddafi

7. During Gaddafi’s time as president was Libya to grow into one of the largest revenues in the head and the highest life expectancy in all of Africa.

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8. Ben Johnson, the runner who was known to be stripped of their medals because of adoping scandal, was hired by the Libyan leader to work as a football coach for his son, Al-Saadi Gaddafi, who aspired to join the Italian club. Al-Saadi was eventually recruited by an Italian team, but was fired when he was caught in a doping test.

9. He used to visit schools in Libya where he was welcomed by selected school girls. When he saw someone he liked, he would pat her on the head to signal to his bodyguards that he wants her to move in with his harem of women.

Muammar Gaddafi

10. You may have noticed that his name is spelled slightly different depending on where in the world you are? The reason for this is the fact that there are 112 accepted spelling of his name.

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