Keeping Healthy While Study in United State of America (USA)

There are many concerns when moving abroad. For example what if we fall ill, or when valuables were stolen. It is unfortunate, indeed no possibility of these things happening in our lives. So it is very important for us to think of countermeasures – just in case.

Health Systems USA

In the United States , medical care is not fully subsidized by the government. Most treatments are subsidized by companies for their employees. The cost of medical care in America, including very high. So you should have health insurance at any time if you need medical treatment, such as CAT scans, MRI tests and others. The insurance premium is paid each month. Great little depending on the type of insurance premiums and insurance coverage.


The students with a student visa F1 is not required to have a full health insurance. But the majority of students who study in the United States are required to have health insurance according to standards specified universities. Ask for detailed information about it from your university, because usually if you do not qualify, you will not be permitted to enroll.

Different universities in different states requesting different requirements for student health insurance. This information should be available on the university’s website, or in the International Student Insurance .

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Once you have been uncertain about the health insurance requirements requested your university, check the costs and what are covered by the insurance. The following are the insurance companies with a good reputation: ISO or InternationalStudent Insurance . You could compare it to American Visitor Insurance website .

For those who are in care are usually charged a higher premium. Or time dependent delayed 12 months after signing the insurance contract.

Once you already have health insurance, keep your documents well. In America, if you need medical care, you must show proof that you are covered by insurance, as this will affect the care you will receive.


In addition to health insurance, title insurance is also important. Title insurance can minimize your losses if your luggage is damaged, lost or stolen. Especially if you live in a communal area, with people not known, of course, the risk will be greater. Usually the university aware of this and include the cost of title insurance in the cost of accommodation. Before signing the agreement, we recommend that you examine what is covered under the insurance.

You can also borne out in the title insurance your parents. You can compare the costs, whichever is higher. But it is more advisable to have title insurance on your behalf while in the United States to ease the process of insurance claims.

Before signing the insurance contract, read carefully the terms and conditions applicable. Make sure you are clear about what is covered and what is not covered in your contract. Before making an insurance claim, determine whether large losses equivalent to the cost that you need to spend to make a claim.

Keep your agreement document carefully, and make sure the expiration date has not expired.

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