Largest Gold Mining Company in the World More than 200 Tonnes

Unbelievably, four of the 10 world’s largest gold mining companies from Canada, gold production up to 200 tons

Gold is a type of metal that has become the most sought after products for thousands of years until this moment. Gold also has become a game that resulted in the war and occupation of nations that have occurred and will continue to happen.
Gold became a symbol of wealth and power, is used as the exchange rate, jewelry, enriches architectural style, and as a component of cutting-edge technology.
Global gold production has fluctuated from one country to another. Gold production decreased in 2008 that also raise production costs in 2010 are encouraging decline in production at a number of mines in several countries.
Gold Mining Company
Below is the largest gold mining company in the world is seen from the amount of their annual production. Where Canadian companies registered their fourth to occupy the position of the world’s largest of the 10, in which two of the companies are located in South Africa, Russia, Malaysia, the US and Australia.

Barrick Gold Mining Company

Is the largest gold mining company in the world. The company hails from Canada and has become the number one in recent years despite a decline in production in the two years between 2013-2014.
2016 then, Barrick Gold has been producing about 203.1 tonnes of gold which they are mining companies operating in 10 countries including the Dominican Republic, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Zambia and the United States.
Gold Mining Company

Newmont Gold Mining Company

Newmont is one of the world’s largest mining company headquartered in the United States. This company’s total production was 142.67 tonnes of gold in 2016. Newmont has a gold mine in Peru, New Zealand, Indonesia, Ghana, Australia, and Nevada employing about 34 thousand employees.

Anglo Gold Ashanti

Companies in the world’s third largest gold mine, the South African giant companies that until 2016, the company produced 116.37 tons of gold.
7 other gold mining company is a Group Company of America, headquartered in Malaysia with a total production of 75.6 tonnes of gold, Kinross Gold of Canada with a total of 74.59 tons, Newcrest Mining of Australia with 59.82 tons of mining products, Gold Fields of South Africa with the result of 57.27 tonnes of gold mine, Polyus gOld Russian origin with the result of 46.7 tons, Yamana gold from Canada by number of 32.36 tons and Eldorado gold from Canada with a total production of 20.45 tons of gold.

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