Top 5 Most Beautiful Airports in the World

Best service is one of the dreams of those who are in the way. Not a place that provides a long queue when neither a security check nor exact regale passengers with fast food is so expensive.

Because of that, lucky for you ever stopped and receive services from the following 10 best airports. This title is certainly not arbitrary pinned. In 2013, Skytrax conducted the survey on more than twelve million travelers. Surprisingly, none of the airports of the United States are registered.

Top 5 Most Beautiful Airports in the World

01)  Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore

Beautiful Airports in the World

Since the Skytrax awards were held, the best airports in Asia have always appeared as the winner.In 2012, the airport already served more than fifty million passengers, of course with a high level of satisfaction. Not surprisingly, SCA is also touted as the best airport for Leisure Amenities, or airports with the most satisfying comfort and pleasure.

02)  Incheon International Airport, Seoul, South Korea

Beautiful Airports in the World

Service could be a winner too, before being defeated by the Singapore flagship airport. However, the best service from Incheon International Airport did not fade. Incheon Airport won the category with the best staff service Asian level. As well as in 2013, so the winner for Best International Transfer Airport.

03)  Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Netherlands

Beautiful Airports in the World

For third place, the Netherlands appear to represent the European mainland. Schiphol is famous for its service that is effective and efficient. Not surprisingly if Schiphol is so the best airport in Europe and Western Europe.

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04)  Hong Kong International Airport

Results of voting for the best airport in 2013, the international airport of Hong Kong should settle for fourth. However, the airport remains a favorite airport for travelers. In addition, the airport is the pride of Hong Kong has always been in the top 5 to 6 different categories.

05)  International Airport Beijing, China

Beautiful Airports in the World

This service is actually relatively new to directly enter this list , because it began operations in 2008. However, the airport was immediately so that kind in China, surging even be the fifth in the world. However, the effort to increase their airport passenger traffic was appreciated by many parties.

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