Movie review: Tough and playful Alice in RAID Special Police Unit

You are a fan of French films? This time the CBI Pictures released the film production of Pathe International called RAID: Special Unit (RAID Dingue) . This comedy genre movie directed and acted by Danny Boon, actor and comedian is famous through the film Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia (2012 ). Besides himself, RAID Special Unit starring Alice Pol, Michel Blanc, Yvan Attal, Patrick Mille and François Levantal.

Movie review: Tough and playful Alice in RAID Special Police Unit

The film tells Johanna Pasquali or called Jo (Alice Pol) young woman who is obsessed into the RAID special forces. He never gave up enrolling though always rejected. Despite the brave and fearless, Jo known as sloppy and careless attitude, sometimes creating chaos, so that his friends at the police station sometimes mocking.

When he found out he did not qualify for selection for the umpteenth time, Jo felt sad and disappointed. Édouard fiancé (Patrick Mille) and his father Jasques Pascuali (Michel Blanc) interior minister tried to enter through the Jo special line and entrusts his daughter to the commander of RAID Patrick (François Levantal) in the hope his daughter will get bored and leave the RAID special teams.

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Jo joined the team of trainees RAID as the only woman, and had to train with the senior Eugène (Danny Boon). Unfortunately Eugène was traumatized confidence to women because his wife left, so that did not really like the presence of Jo. Johanna Can They survive and become a member of a special team of RAID?

The movie opens with his antics with his fiancée Johanna Edouard, Jo, played by Alice Pol successfully portray women look macho and tough, yet sloppy, plus the look on his face that is quite comical. Starting from the scene sloppy help robber, disrupting the location of the scene, to be the guardian of the president who makes us laugh. Patrick Mille was entertained by playing the fiancée Jo Jo intimidated because it is more manly than himself. The funniest scene, when Edouard had to wear high heeled shoes so that they are equal.

Besides them, the absurdity comes from a father figure alias minister Jo, played by Michel Blanc. When he was negotiating with RAID commander Patrick played by François Levantal, Patrick initially disagreed Jo qualify for selection, but because he was threatened not increased its budget by the minister. Patrick also helped Jo practice so that he escaped and was not issued by Eugène.

The director and actor Eugène, Danny Boon appear as a senior disciplined and fierce. Danny outer upset fierce but it makes us laugh, he really did not believe the woman was so depressed abandoned wife. Plus also jokes sexism which she thinks she can not follow the practice of RAID, they are weak, like scream in terror and frequent urination.

106 minutes duration movie could be an option for you who like to watch a light comedy with a simple plot and action scenes plus RAID special forces. Special RAID Unit in theaters from 5 April, 2017, you can buy tickets in here.

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