Some of the Oldest Coffee Shop in the World that is Still Open

Some of the oldest coffee shop in the world that are still open today

Coffee shop or coffee shop is also called, is a gathering place for the coffee drinkers who do not see a class or gender, although indeed the majority of coffee lovers are men.
Some of the coffee shop that we know around us may have become a favorite for a long time. And since when roughly the coffee shop was conceived and established, and became one of the most popular hangout until today.
Here are some of the oldest coffee shop in the world that still exist today.
Cafe Le Procope , a coffee cafe located in the center of Paris was first opened in 1686 by Francesco des Fosses. The coffee shop was closed in the 1800s but still making sales and this coffee is now the center has been renamed rue de l’Ancienne Comedie.
Caffe Florian , a cafe located in Venice and is known for authenticity and aroma of coffee. Opened by Floriano Francesconi in 1720 under the name Venezia Trionfante, became a center of coffee lovers for 287 years for the citizens of Italian and international.
Coffee House Michael Alley , home to drink coffee first in the UK, founded in 1952, although it is not clear who originally started this business in place. The coffee shop is known as the first advertisers to promote their own coffee shops in the UK, which until now the former these ads are still stored in the British Museum.

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Caffe Florian , Venice, is the only coffee shops that allow women to enjoy serving coffee drinks in his day, which probably makes this place to be the main attraction for those popular. Cafe that stood in 1720 is still in operation.
Caffe Greco , the oldest coffee cafe in Rome, which was founded in 1760 and keep the meeting center of the great people of his time, and this place still exist until now.
Cafe Central , Vienna, Have a building full of artistic and still serves today. Fitness drink coffee which was founded in 1876 it has been visited by important people, including Freud, Lenin and Trotsky.
Caffe Reggio , is the home of the first espresso coffee machine in the United States and continues to operate until the entry cappuccino. Warkop is still standing to this day since it was founded in 1927.

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