Most Popular Food and Beverage in the United State of America (USA)

For several years, the United States is referred to as the “New World” by many refugees and immigrants. This is reflected by its food is heavily influenced by the culture of Spain, England, France, Africa and the Caribbean.

Most Popular Food and Beverage in the United State of America (USA)

American synonymous with fries and a hot dog. Although this is an assumption that is not correct. Indeed, fast food is a major influence from America, but in fact there are many types of food that can be enjoyed in America.

Enjoy your surroundings as much as possible

It’s difficult to define the typical American diet. Each region has its own characteristics, so your picture of the culinary in America will depend where you live.

If you are unfamiliar with the local area, ask local residents or especially your college buddies. College friends you might have tried a wide variety of local culinary, and they can give recommendations to you. And, do not forget, many questions can help you find the answers and even new friends.

If you just arrived on campus and have the opportunity to meet with anyone, you can find information online by accessing sites such as Lonely Planet Guide Restaurants in USA that will give you lists of local restaurants and attractions.

America is a very large city, with a very diverse culture. Here we will help you with a brief overview of the Americas culinary.

New England: The state of New England, located in the Northeastern United States is famous for foods imported from England. You can find a lot of fish on the menu this area. Maine Lobster is a popular menu that you should try. If you are a fan of seafood, you will please the City of Boston.

Regional cuisine South-Soul Food: Most Southern regions provide fried foods served with a creamy sauce. Most of the menu consists of pork and chicken baked or cooked slowly over coals.

Influenced by the slave trade, there are a lot of African-Americans living in the South. Soul Food is the most famous food in the South, which is a blend of southern cuisine with Africa.

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California: Renowned for its beaches and fresh foodstuffs. California is the center of the culinary avant-garde, the innovative cuisine that combines basic groceries with the other flavors are unique and unusual.

In other words, California is an arsenal of various types of food that is unique and even strange for some people. But if you are a person who love to explore the culinary world, you have to stop in California.

Tex Mex and Cajun: Both menus are from Spain. Tex – Mex-known in Texas and across the Mexican border, which is the place of origin of burritos and nachos.

Cajun is a menu with a strong influence of the Creole and West Indian flavor contains and the Caribbean such as pepper and other spicy seasonings. If you are a fan of the food is rich in flavor, you have to try Mexican food and Cajun.


Of course, in America, fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, Burger King, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut can be found anywhere. Although they are not the best offer from American, they remain the cheapest option and can be wrapped to be enjoyed at home.

Anda home-sick?


It is undeniable that anyone would find it difficult to adapt in a foreign environment, especially when it does not match with the local food. In this case you do not perlalu too worried. There are many students who experienced the same thing with you. So, many universities that provide a wide range of clubs and societies for students with the same country of origin. You can join them to relieve your home-sick.

If you miss the home cooking and want to cook yourself, perhaps the most common obstacle is you can not find the materials you need cuisine. Many supermarkets in big cities that sell materials special dishes for Asian cuisine, Indian or African. You could also try to visit the Sunday market at the weekend. If you need help, you can always ask the locals, or friends of your campus.

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