Romansa Alicia Vikander Without Wondering Can Highlight the Camera

ACORTERS of love Alicia with actor Michael Fassbender who has now become her husband runs without excessive camera spotlight.

Initially they met on the set of The Light Between Oceans in 2014. In this film both act as a husband and wife. At that time the rumor of love for the location has burst so strong. Even so, the two remain silent and agree not to spit private problems in public.

They also politely refuse to participate in Kiss Cam at the Academy of Film and Television Awards in the UK in 2016. While 2017 they come together at the Golden Globe Awards, but run apart on the red carpet and still avoid questions about their love affair. Then in June 2017, the two began to live in the same house.

A source told The Sun newspaper that Michael had never actually lived in the same house with his girlfriends. So, this is a big step for the actor Steve Jobs in Steve Jobs’s work Danny Boyle, as well as Magneto in this X-Men franchise film .

Shortly after that, exactly mid-October 2017, both promised life semati at a private party in Ibiza, Spain. Details of this wedding ceremony are kept very tight and only tell guests when to arrive in Ibiza. They then honeymooned to Verona, Italy.

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