The Samurai Life Philosophy That We Can Apply To Foster Success

The Samurai Life Philosophy That We Can Apply To Foster Success

For fans of the colossal action movies, especially those that tell about Japan in the Heian period (ranging from 794-1185 CE), must know the term samurai well. They are swordsmen who usually work as bodyguards of governors or other important people.

Not only good at playing the sword, the samurai are also known to have many skills from various disciplines required in performing their duties. From there came the term Bushido which is a samurai law that regulates and controls various aspects of the life of a samurai. Interestingly, the philosophy of samurai life can be our example also to achieve success!

Hold on to its integrity

For a samurai, upholding integrity is absolute, because the person who maintains his integrity means honest personality and strong character. Similarly, the samurai ethics code, where they cling to the principle of justice.

Samurai hold firm integrity (

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Samurai abstinence to be cunning, zhalim, and unfair to anyone. They feel that their self-esteem is strongly influenced by discipline, honesty, loyalty, persistence and persistence. If you want to be a successful person, then the attitude of this samurai obviously you need to apply in everyday life.

Does not stop learning

Wrong if you think samurai is just a swordsman or an expert on matters related to war and martial arts. The reason, true samurai are also required to master many other skills outside of his main expertise. Let’s say expertise in the field of literature or art and culture. This is important, because it is closely related to their moral and social status.

Samurai Life Philosophy
A samurai also learns other things beyond swordsmanship and war (

Similarly you have to do if you want to succeed. You may become an expert in one field. But it’s a big mistake if you do not want to learn other areas. Who knows if one day science in another will be what you will need in the future, right? so, do not ever stop learning and fixate on one field yes!

Pay attention to details

In order to become a tough samurai, one must pay attention to detail, including the small and trivial things that often escape the attention. It is necessary that the samurai get used to finding the gap points of his opponent when faced with a fight.

Samurai Life Philosophy
A samurai needs to pay attention to small details in order to defeat his enemy (

This is also what you need to apply in building success. Often we ignore the things that detail, but that is the determinant of our success. Be like the samurai: they treat the big things as usual and treat the little things seriously.

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The spirit of steel

Like the great Japanese samurai, Musashi, the spirit is a sword. That is, spirit is the most important weapon for everyone to achieve success. With great enthusiasm, we will be a persistent in achieving goals and not easily shaken when there are obstacles facing.

Samurai Life Philosophy
True samurai mandatory mentality steel spirit (youtube)

If you can keep your spirit burning inside your chest, you will undoubtedly achieve success without giving up. Let there be an obstacle of any size, if your spirit is strong, you will get through it!

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