Splashy Man Eating Snake, That Snake-Themed Films

Splashy Man Eating Snake, That Snake-Themed Films

Splashy python swallowed human incident made many people more alert. Chronology of events or video listened to by many people after the event. Human Problem with this snake is not the first time that happened. Snake habitats that are threatened, such as the one deforestation, becoming one of the factors why snakes can interact with humans more often.

Human fear of snakes are also exploited through the film. The film makes the snake as the main character was not small. Snakes generally portrayed as an antagonist, a scary monster and man must kill him. In fact, such assumption is not entirely appropriate because, in many cases snake attack when in a state of urgency.

Anyway talk about snakes, besides you can watch the video pythons swallow a man named Akbar, you can see the titles of the snake-themed movies below.

Snakes on a Plane (2006)

movie Snakes on a Plane starring Samuel L. Jackson. This film about the hijacked plane and terrorized use hundreds of snakes. Different types of snakes spread in the plane, and there is also a large python in it. The snake was given specific fragrances that make them aggressive and attack the passengers, though not feel in a state of urgency. The film is quite exciting, and even some copies made by Asylum titled Snakes on a Train .

Anaconda (1997)

Jennifer Lopez or JLo becomes the main character, tells the story of National Geographic crew held hostage to look for the giant snake Anaconda in the Amazon forest types. This film although criticized, but got the status of cult movie , a movie that has its own audience although the quality is debatable. Anaconda able grossed USD 138 million worldwide, while the cost of production is only 45 million USD. Anaconda sequel was made up of three series. And, in 2015 Anaconda even pitted with giant alligators in Lake Placid vs Anaconda (2015)

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Nagina (1986)

Nagina is a Hindi film, tells the story of a merchant named Rajiv (Rishi Kappor) who married Rajni (Sridevi) who turns imitation snake. Nagina was produced in 1986, and became a best-selling film in India at the time. Sridevi in the film dance is even considered as one of the iconic dance in Hindi film. Story Nagina be a remake in 2014 with the same title. In 2015, Nagina also made version of the series called Naagin and was aired on the private TV station in 2016.

Mega Python vs. Gatoroid (2011)

The Asylum is an independent film studio who like to make mockbuster , the film that mimics the formula blockbusters in the cinema. Snakes on a Train is one of their production. It turns out The Asylum also make other snake-themed film. Mega Python vs. Gatoroid is one of them. The story is of course an absolute predictable: a giant python opponents fighting a giant crocodile. The movie itself is just fun-call only.

Piranhaconda (2012)

This is the most inconsequential Piranhaconda of many snake-themed film. Imagine if a snake anaconda and piranha mated to produce new species. Piranhaconda also a movie instead of spooky actually even so funny and tacky. Spices sex is also shown because in this film many figures show scantily clad women. Roger Corman, the king of B-grade film, is the producer of this film. Piranhaconda played on SyFy, pay television stations who are happy to produce and broadcast the films class B.

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