Top 10 Cities Safe for Tourists in the World

Everyone will want to feel safe. The same thing that is also needed by the tourists. If you decide to go abroad, certainly the akanmemastikan everything before leaving for vacation, one of which is the security factor. Do not want it we feel anxious when enjoying a holiday. For those of you who want to feel how safe holiday, here are 10 cities in the world known to be very safe for tourists. Do not believe? Here’s the full article.

Top 10 Cities Safe for Tourists in the World

10. Reykjavik, Iceland

Want a vacation but still a loss for the destination city? Reykjavik is the solution. Reykjavik is a small town located Iceland. In this small town, its population is only about 200,000 people. Why Reykjavik is right for you? One reason is that the city is a safe city for tourists.

Safe for Tourists

You certainly do not want it encountered problems when on holiday as a thief or something else? Well, Reykjavik is perfect because not only has beautiful scenery, the city is also very safe. The small town, not too many people, and secure into a combination that works for you who are looking for a vacation spot that is not too crowded with people.

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9. Sydney, Australia

If Iceland is still too far away, there are closer to reach. The city is Sydney. Indeed, Australia is populated by a number of dangerous exotic animals, but the city is quite safe to be visited by tourists. Security in Sydney is reasonably assured, the evidence is only Sydney was ranked as the 8th safest city to visit.

Safe for Tourists

Sydney city inhabited by about 4.5 million people. The city is equipped with facilities and infrastructure that is safe for the people. Security of its citizens is also reasonably assured. But if the recall would be dangerous animals inhabiting this city as profit-lana, snakes, and giant bats, maybe you should rethink a vacation in Sydney.

8. Ottawa, Canada

The city that became the capital of the Canadian state is known as one of the cities is quite safe for tourists. Based in Ontaria and directly adjacent to Quebec, Ottawa merupaka multicultural city. There, you will not only hear people talking in English, but also French.

Because famous for its security, Ottawa is always flooded with tourists when the weekend arrives. One of the oldest in Canada, namely ByWard Market, there kallian can shop for fresh food and also met with local residents.

7. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Consistently, Amsterdam is one of the city’s tourist destinations in the Netherlands has always entered into the list of the safest cities to be visited by tourists. With the city’s population of more than 1 million people, the crime rate in this city is very small. No wonder why the city is always flooded with tourists.

Safe for Tourists

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Amsterdam is not the same as the city of tourism in other countries. If you encounter a thief usual when walking in Rome or Paris, Amsterdam you did not have to worry about it. Rarely outbreaks of violence in this city, even in the area of ​​the Red Light District though famous as a place where men seek satisfaction.

6. Stockholm, Sweden

Fewer repeat geography lesson, do you know the state capital of Sweden? The city is Stockholm. Stockholm is a city that covers 14 small islands and the metropolitan area has a population of 2 million people. Major cities in Sweden are rarely encountered news of a criminal.

Safe for Tourists

In Stockholm, you can enjoy the fresh air freely. Thanks for Stockholm have fairly large green areas, more than 30% of the area of ​​the city. Oh yes, for those of you who do not speak Swedish should not be discouraged. In Stockholm, the majority of the population is quite fluent in English.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

There is no other than the safest cities in Denmark, Copenhagen. In Europe, the Danish capital has also become a vacation choice for tourists because not only has a good view, the city also ensure the security of its tourist, unless you visit the town outside Copenhagen where crime rates are rising outside Copenhagen.

Safe for Tourists

If you read the comments of travel on the Internet, they will usually give warning of the possibility of meeting with the name of the thief. But it wills not if you read to find out more about Copenhagen. So the choice of a vacation to Copenhagen is not a bad idea.

4. Zurich, Switzerland

No doubt that Switzerland is a country of tourism is very popular among tourists. One city that is a magnet of tourism namely Zurich. The Swiss city is populated by about 400 thousand inhabitants. What do you have to worry about going to this city? The answer is no, because the city is safe for tourists.

Safe for Tourists

Although Zurich is not the capital of Switzerland, but the name has become the center of tourism Zurich Switzerland. The environment is clean, convenient public transportation, and of course the level of security that is guaranteed to make anyone feel safe walking in this city even at night seklaipun. It looks like the citizens of Zurich as it does not know what criminality.

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Arguably the city of Dubrovnik is a small city on the list of safest cities for tourists. Small town in Croatia is approximately only has 40,000 residents. Although small, this city seems built just for one purpose, namely as a vacation destination. That is because the city is equipped with incredible views wonderful.

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Dubbed the Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik has views of the coastline is very beautiful. Perhaps more beautiful than any city you have ever visited. Dubrovnik has a dark history of this city which had been the victims of the Yugoslavian wars in the early 1990s. Bullet result of the war was there left in a number of buildings.

2. Singapore, Singapore

The density of the city of Singapore has been unquestionable. The city is not only crowded by residents of Singapore alone but also from turisnya very much. What makes the city’s former British colony could become very crowded by tourists? The answer is because this small town has a very exceptional security.

Although quite crowded city, nearly 50% of the territory of Singapore is a green area. A number of interesting attractions for tourists are also many of you have encountered in this city. Still not satisfied? Nightlife in Singapore never die. There, you can enjoy your leisure time playing at the casino and also participate in a sporting event. Oh yes, do not forget, nightclubs for men also exist in this city.

1. Tokyo, Japan

Safe for Tourists

Only one city that can beat Singapore as the safest city for tourists. The city is Tokyo. Big city full of places of entertainment, no wonder why so many people who wanted to visit Tokyo. But of course, Tokyo will not be as busy as it is now when the high crime rates.

Yes, the city of Tokyo is undoubtedly the safest cities in the world. Very few travelers who encounter problems with security when on vacation in Tokyo. Unless you own a start looking for the problem, the other his own story. Curious how safe Tokyo? please you holiday in the city.

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