Top 10 Facts you Probably did not Know about The Last Samurai Movie

The Last Samurai (also known as “The Last Samurai” in Swedish) is an American-Japanese film from 2003 directed by Edward Zwick, with Tom Cruise, Ken Watanabe and Billy Connolly in the roles.

The movie is about American soldier Nathan Algren (played by Tom Cruise) whose personal and emotional conflicts lead him in close contact with Samurai during the Meijir restaurant in the empire of Japan in 1876 and 1877.

Top 10 Facts you Probably did not Know about The Last Samurai Movie

Have you possibly seen the movie? Here are ten facts that you definitely did not know about it!

01The title does not really refer to Tom Cruise’s character …
The Last Samurai , as the titlesounds, is plural in English and actually refers to the last clan of Samurai – not just Tom Cruisecharacter, Nathan Algren .

02Years of training before filming began …
It is not uncommon for actors to practice different skills before filming. Tom Cruise practiced both Japanese , sword management and fencing for two years before filming began.

03Was not recorded in Japan …
The film takes place in Japan and touches the Japanese culture , which then seems ironic that it was actually recorded in New Zealand – just like the Lord of the Rings did.


Ken Watanabe is introduced to the Western audience …
The Last Samurai was the first movie in which the Japanese actor  Ken Watanabe (left in the picture below) was introduced to the Western audience. This was also the first film he was in where he speaks English . Katsumoto , the character that he plays in the film, was also based on a true historical person .

05Could have been the head of the head … Accidents  always happen – some mild, others a little more coarse. During a fence scene, almost Tom Cruise is by no means haunted by a true samurai host .

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06Horse kicked the statue in the groin …
At the last battle of the film, Katsumoto and Algren ride  through a series of troops, and when Algren is thrown out of his horse, the horse simultaneously kicks a warrior in the groin , which may be noted if you look carefully.


Statists were undergoing long training …
In front of the action-packed battle scenes in The Last Samurai,  more than 500 Japanese extras were trained at Clifton Rugby Grounds in New Plymouth , New Zealand, for ten days .

08The second time Cruise and Spall participate in the same movie …
The Last Samurai was the second collaboration between Tom Cruise and Timothy Spall . Previously , they both joined the Vanilla Sky film from 2003.


Chad Lindberg participates with little role …
If you have been really aware of the film, you may notice that  Chad Lindberg  (pictured below) – perhaps best known for his role in The Fast and the Furious – is a small part of the film .

010The Japanese
characters mean something … The Japanese character  that Takas younger son paints and gives to Algren is actually the sign of ” samurai “.

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