Top 10 Unique and Most Famous Buildings in Europe

If polls are made related to the country you want to visit, it seems the mainland Europe will be on the top list, yes. Europe became the second smallest continent post Australia, but the population is fairly large, even ranked third after Asia and Africa. The countries also offer a variety of interesting destinations.

Top 10 Unique and Most Famous Buildings in Europe

Some of the famous European countries are often visited by travelers, namely the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, So what are the top 12 most popular buildings and often become the target of tourists?

Eiffel Tower

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This pride of Paris towers is not only a famous spot in Europe, but also in the world. His own name is picked from Gustave Eiffel, who is none other than the designer of this tower. Record as the tallest building in the world is already loose, but the visitor’s interest is still high. It can not be separated also from the location where the Eiffel Tower stands, namely France. The country has a nickname that increasingly suck people’s curiosity. Whether it’s the fashion mecca, the most romantic place, the most artistic point, etc.

Colosseum / Coliseum

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This historical building is located in Rome, Italy. The city does hold many historical buildings, but the Colosseum becomes the most interesting spot. The size is so wide, about 2.5 hectares.

The seat looks multilevel, and it is said that the tiers are made on the basis of one’s social status in Roman society. The existence of this building proves that people of ancient times could create a very great work. Formerly, elliptical or semicircular stone buildings were used as spectacular arena races and punishment executions.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

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If Paris has the Eiffel, then Italy is so proud of its cathedral bell tower, located in Pisa City. One of the magnets that make visitors curious is the position of the tower is like leaning to one side. Though the beginning of construction is not so, but erect like a building in general.

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But the sandy land constraints make the tower into a slant, to the extent that its development also had time to hiatus. The idea of ​​rebuilding and conjuring the weakness of the tower into its advantages turned out to be an enormous allure. Residents of the vicinity of the help of the economy, because their towers became a famous tourist attraction in the world, especially after entering the UNESCO world heritage site.

Cathedral of Saint Basil

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The next building is located in the Red Square complex, Moscow, Russia. The form itself is a church, but the shape is quite unique, which resembles an onion. Not to mention the cone domes are quite a lot. At a glance, the dome reminds us of the mosque. But they adorned it with a cross symbol.

Ivan IV Vasilevich who initiated the construction of this cathedral. He sent Postnik Yakovlev to design his architecture. Unfortunately according to legend, Ivan just blinded the architect’s eyes. Thus, the architect will not be able to build another building that could be more cool than the cathedral.

Big Ben

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Indonesia has Jam Gadang in Bukittinggi, while England is so proud of Elizabeth Tower or its Big Ben. The super-large clock tower was made in the 1858s, and has become an icon for the British, especially London. Estimated to be about 96.3 meters high and the designer, Augustus Pugin, polish it with style style Victorian Gothic. Foreign or local tourists who come to England certainly as much as possible will take the time to come to Big Ben. Moreover, Big Ben is also often a center of exciting and spectacular new year celebrations.

Saint Paul’s Cathedral

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In AD 604, the cathedral dedicated to Paul of Tarsus was built. It was only in the 17th century, Christopher Wren became the architect who rebuilt the cathedral after the great fire tragedy that hit London. Now the cathedral as high as 111 meters can even be a tourist lure. Although not a holiday, but this church is always busy and busy.

St. Peter’s Basilica

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This great basilica or church that has a vital role lies in the Vatican, Rome. Its construction began in 1506 until 1626, just under the command of Pope Julius II. It measures 193 meters long and 132 meters in height, making it the largest in the world. In addition, many people also visit under the main altar is the tomb of St. Peter and other whales. The building is also the top 4 largest and most influential basilica in the world.

Notre Dame de Paris

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People also used to call it the Notre Dame, the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The cathedral has gothic architecture and is located east of the Île de la Cité, Paris. The building is often the main reference of French gothic architecture. The congregation still used it for Mass or the Archbishop of Paris. But now travelers are also coming for a tourist destination.

Pantheon, Rome

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The building’s rounded form of the temple began to be established in 27 BC, precisely in the heart of Rome, Italy. However, new construction completed in 126M, right under the leadership of Emperor Hadrian. As the function of the temple, this building was established as a place of worship of the Roman gods. No wonder the temple was named Pantheon, which means House of All Gods. Increasingly, the function is increasingly shifting. This temple is used for church activities, and as a special burial place of the heroes of Italy, as well as King Emmanuel I.

Sagrada Família

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The next building is still a giant Roman Catholic church. It’s located in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia, Spain. Its construction began in 1882, and it continues to the present day. But the design has been processed from the first, precisely by the figure of Antoni Gaudi, who died in 1926. If it goes according to plan, then this church is predicted to be completed in 2026.

Palace of Versailles

We are back again France, precisely to the region of Versailles. There is a palace that is very luxurious Baroque style. The architecture is classic, the interior looks glamo r , the garden is so spacious and beautifully manicured. Visitors who have bought tickets can enter and enjoy the amazing panorama. Since 1979, this palace has even entered into the list of UNESCO world heritage sites.

Florence Cathedral

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The main church in Florence (Italy) was originally named as Il Duomo di Firenze. Its construction dates back to 1296, and was completed in its stretch in 1436. The designer, Arnolfo di Cambio, applies the typical gothic style to this basilica. While Filippo Brunelleschi is responsible for the great and majestic dome. The exterior itself is a polychrome marble panel studded with green and pink color, complete with white frame.

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