Top 5 Best Largest Insurance Company in the World

Not only for individual customers, insurance is also a mainstay for various companies. People want to guarantee or protect the health and the state of themselves and the family. Then entrepreneurs also want to keep their business. The targets of these insurance companiesare increasing. No wonder, if the insurance industry is also getting wriggled.

Top 5 Best Largest Insurance Company in the World

The company itself is a financial institution offering various insurance. Whether it’s health, soul, property, etc. Increased demand not only makes them sell well, but also involved in super tight competition. However, potential customers will be keen to consider which companies are good, reliable, not complicated , and so on.

Well here are the top 5 most popular and best insurance companies in the world quoted from various sources. Jom !

1. Berkshire Hathaway

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The company that has been established since 1839 was originally named Valley Falls Company. Then in 1955, the company changed its name as Berkshire Hathaway. The company, based in Nebraska (United States) is then become the largest and respected insurance companies in the world. They also expanded the business in the field of aerospace, restaurants, automotive, media, etc.

2. UnitedHealth Group

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Richard T. Burke founded UHG in 1977. They have headquarters in the Mineesota region of the United States. Now the figure of Stephen Hemsley who led the way the performance of the company. Including health services, data consulting services, or software .

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Four of their segments are named as OptumHealth, UnitedHealthcare, OptumRx, and OptumInsight. Their satisfactory service gets a bright turning point. They were bombarded with awards, including as Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Company in 2017.

3. Allianz

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Carl von Thieme founded Allianz in 1890, and centered in Munich, Germany. The company operating under Oliver Bate’s leadership has several business segments. There are life / health, property casualty, corporate business , and asset management. They move actively in various countries such as Indonesia , Australia, Germany, Belgium, etc. And like other leading companies, Allianz is also often bring awards in various categories.

4. AXA

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Claude Bebear founded AXA in 1817, and has a headquarters of pride in Paris, France. This highly experienced insurance company was transformed into one of the world’s giants. Now the figure of Henri De Castries who leads the company. They offer five excellent products; Banking, life & savings, international insurance, property & casualty , and asset management .

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Insurance companies operating in around 64 countries continue to maintain their existence and development. In the year 2017, AXA even become Feefo Gold Trusted Merchant, and included in the list of 30 Best Big Companies to Work for. In addition, AXA is rated friendly to people with disabilities.

Ping An

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In 1988, Ping An stood and headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Ma Mingzhe’s company is managing financial services, banking, and life insurance and non-life. Their branch companies are Pin An Trust, Ping An Bank, and Ping An Securities. They move more in Hong Kong, China and Macau.

Increasingly, Ping An is stealing the attention. They managed to buy Tommee Tippee and Shanghai Jahwa. Even HSBC also owns an 18% stake in this company. Not only that, Ping An also often receive awards. For example, the Best Trust Company version of Financial Newas, Most Competitive Trust Company version of National Business Daily China, or as the Most Influential Trust Company version of The Economic Observer. Thus, the 5 Best and Largest Insurance Companies in the World . 

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