It turns out this Flight 3 These Busiest in the World

Not only on land, air traffic increasingly congested today. Noted, the world’s busiest air route has more than 90 flights a month to one destination, by bringing more than 40 million travelers. No wonder so many rules are made to be able to control the number of flights increased.

It turns out this Flight 3 These Busiest in the World

Data from Amadeus travel sites quoted on Saturday (07/01/2017) reveals, there are three routes low in the world’s most busy, namely Japan , Australia, and China.

These are the busiest Tokyo toward Sapporo. Tokyo is the capital of Japan and became “home” for air transport were super busy. While Sapporo is the fourth major city in Japan that has two airports and connecting the city to various places in other countries.

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Tokyo-Sapporo route itself has existed since 1996 and has flown more than 8 million passengers between the two cities in 2012.

These second busiest in the world is Sydney to Brisbane. Sydney Airport is a city that has been around a long time and has been serving a variety of world flight route.

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While Brisbane is third after Sydney Airport as the busiest airport with domestic flights. Although Sydney and Brisbane is only 800 kilometers, this route became the most populous with more than 4.5 million passengers use this service until 2012. The

route will be the third most populous, the Beijing-Shanghai. Shanghai service which has been operating since 1985 has been serving more than 140 destinations in various countries.

While the Beijing Airport is the busiest airport in mainland China with the number of travelers and cargo movement in the last ten years. Beijing-Shanghai air route accounted for nearly 7 million passengers, making it one of the five busiest air route in the world.

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