US Drop Non-Nuclear Bomb in Largest Afghanistan

The largest non-nuclear bomb GBU-43 / B MOAB dropped by the US military in Afghanistan to destroy the tunnels the ISIS forces in the area of ​​defense Achin, Thursday (13/04/2017) local time.
The US government dropped the biggest non-nuclear bomb GBU-43 / B MOAB ever used the US military in Afghanistan, Thursday (13/04/2017) local time.

The bomb that was named by US military sources as the “mother of all bombs” is targeted to attack the tunnels used by ISIS forces in Afghanistan. These bombs capable of destroying targets located underground and destructive power of more than 11 tons of TNT.

US President Donald Trump denies ordering the use of the largest bomb ever used by the US military in this war.

“Everyone knows very well what happened. So I’m doing is giving the authority to the military,” Trump said when asked whether he ordered the attack.

“We have given full military authority and that they did.”

non-nuclear bomb
Meanwhile, when asked whether the use of bombs with great power also carry a message to the North Koreans, Trump can not be explained in detail.

“I do not know if this sends a message, I guess it was not too make a difference,” he said.

Associated with the North Korean nuclear issue, Trump called North Korea is indeed a problem and will be addressed immediately.
Indirectly, Trump said that China was “trying hard” to resolve this issue.

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“North Korea has become a problem, and it will soon be resolved,” he said.

Gen. John Nicholson, commander of US forces in Afghanistan, in a statement said the bomb GBU-43 / B is “proper ammunition” used against IS in Khorosan or ISIS-C.

“They are using improvised explosive devices, bunkers and tunnels to tighten their defense. This bomb is the proper ammunition to reduce those barriers and keep the moment our offensive against ISIS-K, “said John.

White House notified planned bombing before the MC-130 aircraft dropped explosives weighing nearly 10 thousand kilograms.

Although reluctant to admit he ordered the use of the bomb, Trump happy to be associated with the show’s strict rule.

Trump praised the military for such acts as “mission which again went very, very successful.”

The source They say the intended target was a tunnel and a member of the terror group ISIS in Achin district, Nangarhar.

From the testimony of Sarab, a resident in Asadkel, Achin, which is near the mountain where a bomb targeted suspected ISIS tunnel, he saw an explosion of very massive time bomb dropped from the air.

“It was the biggest explosion I ever heard,” said Sarab.

non-nuclear bomb
Sarab add a targeted area is already controlled by ISIS fighters.
“There are no civilians were in the area,” he said.

According to one member of parliament from Nangarhar, Esmatullah Shinwari, received information from residents in the location that one teacher and her son had been killed in the incident.

From the testimony of other witnesses, said Esmatullah, on the phone to him, the witness had been living in a time of war so far, has gone through 30 years of life with explosions, suicide bombings, and various bomb attacks, but have never heard the sound of an explosion of this magnitude.

The telephone network in the area of Achin disconnected and there is no information on casualties in the attack.
While the US military is examining what impact caused by the giant bomb.

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