US Ready to Launch Attack on North Korea on 15 April 2017?

US Ready to Launch Attack on North Korea on 15 April 2017?

United States prepares to perform preventive attack using conventional weapons to North Korea. This consideration will be done if the US military attache assess very convincing Pyongyang to conduct a nuclear missile test on the Day of the Sun Saturday, April 17, 2017 later.

Previously, North Korea had been warned about the ‘big event’ that will come, and a number of high officials of Washington provides a strong signal that the event will culminate in Mysl nuclear test, said a senior US intelligence attaché told the NBC.

The intelligence attaché told NBC that the United States has prepared a number of long-range Tomahawk missile to be fired from two gunships to target the location of North Korea’s nuclear test. Two of the ship is about 483 km from the North Korean nuclear site in Punggye-ri North. Had reported that the nuclear site shows a number of the ‘active and ready.’

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Heavyweight bombers Uncle Sam is also prepared in Guam, 3,430 km from southeast North Korea to attack South Korea’s neighboring countries. A week earlier, the USS Carl Vinson also sail closer to the Korean Peninsula.

US attack packets can contain missiles, bombs, and cyber attacks, and infantry special forces for aggression by land.

Analysts say the attack will increase the scale of military tension between the US and North Korea to its highest point in 2017’s. Trump attitude coupled with the passionate wish to suppress Kim Jong-un.

“The leadership in North Korea showed no intention of diplomacy or dialogue with a number of other countries,” said Victor Cha, head of Korean studies from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told NBC on Thursday (13/04/2014).

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 ago, high-ranking officials of North Korea warned that Pyongyang would attack the United States as a preventive measure if they are so sure Uncle Sam will attack.

“The US has nuclear weapons are ready to be directed to our country and Kim Jong-un. We will not retreat from the threat of the US. If we see the US will attack, we will do first … we have the technology,” said Lee Yong Pil, North Korean high-ranking officials.

South Korean officials also said that the US would consult with Seoul before taking serious steps.

“The United States will discuss in advance with South Korea to take action against North Korea ,” said South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se.

One attache involved in the position of the US temur near North Korea considered that scenario attacks may occur or may not.

“It was a very high risk (in case of attack), we are considering the communication lines to the military to influence North Korea. It is an achievement that we’ve never done (if attacking North Korea), but strong suspicion anyway there will be a settlement in the White House, “closes the attache.

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