Words of Hope in the New Year 2018, New Year Images, Quotes

Words of Hope in the New Year 2018, New Year Images, Quotes

Soon we will be celebrating and entering the New Year 2018. a lot of hope and stories that are engraved in this year. Of course the sad story, emotion, jokes, laughter, happiness, sadness, rainbow of beautiful rainbow that has many colors.

Many heavy leave this year because it may have many meanings, some are so happy and eager to welcome the new year because it is felt this year is very heavy to pass and will start a new sheet.

A lot of hope and prayers are said to welcome the new year. There is also a better person to be a better person. Or continue the dreams, dreams and aspirations that have not accomplished in this year.

Of course we all beekeeping like that because life is looking ahead not look back. The past will be the story, and the story can be edification and the future is reality.

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Celebrating and welcoming the New Year is a moment that most people probably never miss. Because the new year only happens once a year. In general the celebration of the new year is spent by partying with friends, friends, girlfriends or family.

The color of the new year also reached its peak when the clock shows at 12 pm (00:00), colorful fireworks even more luminous welcome the coming of the new year.

The novelty of the new year is also social. Such as twitter. BBM, Facebook, Or Instagram. Many people as if not to be outdone to make the status in the form of beautiful words pearls, motivations, and romantic scattered in the form of greetings or happy new year new year.

Joy, hope, and prayer that shows that you are an optimistic person of the future. Well if you are confused choose the word pearls as a welcome greeting the new year.

Here is a collection of 2018 new year greeting words.The time keeps rolling and does not feel we will enter the year 2018. hopefully what year in expected name not achieved. Can be realized in this new year. Happy new year 2018

Do not regret the past
do not worry about the future of
life and enjoy the present
sealant there is a new
year new year survived 2018


Moon stars smile longing to
watch the lights
so beautiful opening time
welcome January date one
Happy New Year 2018


The past is history
Today is a scratch
Tomorrow is hope
Welcome 2018
As the memory goes
Welcoming hope


My hope will be poured in the new year
as well as my hope for you
Happy New Year

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